Directors and Executive Officers


    Charles D. Davidson (4)
    Chairman of the Board
    and Chief Executive Officer
    Noble Energy, Inc.

    Jeffery L. Berenson (2) (3)
    and Chief Executive Officer,
    Berenson & Company

    Michael A. Cawley (1) (3)
    Retired Trustee, President
    and Chief Executive Officer,
    The Samuel Roberts Noble
    Foundation, Inc.

    Edward F. Cox (2) (3) (4)
    Retired Partner,
    Law firm of Patterson, Belknap,
    Webb & Tyler LLP

    Thomas J. Edelman (2) (3) (4)
    Managing Partner,
    White Deer Energy LP

    Eric P. Grubman (1) (3)
    Executive Vice President,
    National Football League

    Kirby L. Hedrick (2) (3) (4)
    Former Executive Vice President,
    Phillips Petroleum Company

    Scott D. Urban (1) (3) (4)
    Former Group Vice President,

    William T. Van Kleef (1) (3)
    Former Executive Vice President
    and Chief Operating Officer,
    Tesoro Corporation


    (1) Audit Committee

    (2) Compensation, Benefits
          and Stock Option Committee

    (3) Corporate Governance
          and Nominating Committee

    (4) Environment, Health
          and Safety Committee


    Charles D. Davidson
    Chairman of the Board,
    Chief Executive Officer
    and Director

    David L. Stover
    and Chief Operating Officer

    Ted D. Brown
    Senior Vice President,
    North America -
    Northern Region

    Rodney D. Cook
    Senior Vice President,

    Susan M. Cunningham
    Senior Vice President,
    and Business Innovation

    Kenneth M. Fisher
    Senior Vice President
    and Chief Financial Officer

    Arnold J. Johnson
    Senior Vice President,
    General Counsel
    and Secretary

    Andrea Lee Robison
    Vice President,
    Human Resources
    and Administration