U.S. Onshore

Noble Energy’s U.S. onshore operations are positioned to deliver consistent and predictable results. With exposure to both oil and natural gas opportunities, our well-balanced portfolio includes thousands of lower-risk development projects in our two onshore core areas: the DJ Basin and the Marcellus Shale. These areas offer strong returns and a large inventory of repeatable reinvestment opportunities.

In both the DJ Basin and the Marcellus areas, we are operating at the highest levels of horizontal activity in our company history, targeting approximately 450 wells to be drilled in 2014. Accordingly, we are setting new production records, while optimizing drilling and completion techniques. We are implementing Integrated Development Plans in both areas, which is contributing substantial onshore growth in 2014. In addition, the Company is increasing the drilling of extended reach laterals and testing significant resource upside in both plays, utilizing new completion methodologies and downspacing programs.

We are concentrating development in our two core areas and are actively divesting non-core assets which are located throughout the central U.S. and Gulf Coast. Since 2013, over $1.5 billion has been generated from non-core asset divestitures and reallocated to our higher growth projects.

Noble Energy is also pursuing a new venture oil exploration opportunity in Northeastern Nevada.

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