Eastern Mediterranean

Our significant world-class discoveries in the Eastern Mediterranean provide an exceptional opportunity to deliver energy security and economic development for Israel and Cyprus. And – through exports – to the region.

Noble Energy was the first operator to discover natural gas resources offshore both Israel and Cyprus. Since we began operating in the Eastern Mediterranean region in 1998, we drilled 11 successful exploration and appraisal wells and discovered more than 40 Tcf of natural gas resources in the Levant Basin.

We also successfully and efficiently moved from discovery to execution of large-scale projects. Just four years after discovery, we delivered the first supply of domestic natural gas to Israel from the Mari-B field in 2004. Just two and one-half years from sanction, we brought the Tamar field online in 2013.With nearly 100 percent uptime, our Tamar platform is providing a clean, reliable source of fuel to generate more than half of Israel's electricity.

We submitted to the Israeli government a fixed platform development plan for Leviathan. The fixed platform concept provides several benefits including allowing us to better match the timing of capital with the pace of contracted demand and can expand as future contracts are solidified.The Supreme Court of Israel affirmed the majority of the Natural Gas Framework.Project sanction and first gas will be based on timing of the Israeli government providing a stability solution. We continue to progress marketing and finance discussions, and regulatory work. 


We also filed a preliminary field development plan for the Aphrodite field located in Block 12 offshore Cyprus, and we are working with the government and our partners to finalize the plan. Bringing substantial technical, financial and marketing capacity to the partnership, Shell acquired a 35 percent interest in Block 12 in early 2016. 

The Eastern Mediterranean presents an opportunity to match our low-cost, abundant supply of natural gas with large regional demand. With the 10 Tcf Tamar field already online, the 22 Tcf Leviathan field appraised and flow tested, and a discovery offshore Cyprus, we are well positioned to supply natural gas to the region for many years. 

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